Start Here

Welcome to Live FI now! I have been a long-time spectator in the FIRE community and been inspired to get my own ducks in a row to pursue it as well. If you’re not familiar with the FIRE movement, it stands for Financial Independence, Retire Early. There is a whole community of people challenging the work-your-life-away-until-you’re-old enough-to-retire concept and figuring out how to do it early. 

I have worked several jobs, long hours, and ultimately felt frustrated that I will likely have to commit to this kind of lifestyle for the next 10-15 years at least (at a very aggressive pace) if I am to save enough to either a. invest enough or b. buy some kind of cash flowing commodity (real estate, rentals, etc) that will get me there. I am just now taking a breath after grinding and hustling for the last few years without a break, without a vacation. I don’t WANT to live like this for the indefinite future to eventually get to a place where I can enjoy some life (probably with no friends because I was too busy working and sitting at home to save all of my dollars). So, I had a better idea. What if I started playing by different rules now to improve/enjoy my current lifestyle where I am now AND made a plan to get to a place where I can work much less in the next 5-10 years? What changes could I make TODAY to add in the flexibility I’m seeking and have time for LIVING?

Who I Am

My name is Lauren and I am a mid-30s unconventional thinker. I have tried “regular” jobs, “gig” jobs, and a combination of both. I’ve learned that working most of your waking hours whether that be for yourself or for an employer is a sad way to spend your life if you feel stuck, like you don’t make enough money and just very unfulfilled. We get one life and I am tired of feeling like I am in the passenger seat of mine.

This is My Journey

I’m not financially independent yet, this is the beginning. I plan to chronicle the process as I work through my own lifestyle and systems to figure out what will get me there faster while focusing more on the living part now. Most FIRE blogs/books/conversations you read focus on extreme frugality and cutting every corner to get to their number as quickly as they can. I am interested in efficiency (probably more than the next person), but refuse to hate the life I have now while I do it. If you’re interested in chasing a lifestyle where you can work part time or unconventionally, in creating a larger gap between the incoming and outgoing dollars, working differently and challenging the conventional societal rules and norms, I hope you’ll hang with me.